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Axe Staffing & Recruiting’s foundation is built on the experience of our team of professional recruiters who are determined to deliver the highest degree of service when it comes to sourcing top talent across North America for our clients, regardless of industry. We continue to maintain and foster a highly competitive yet cooperative environment that drives results and profitability for our clients by placing top-performing talent within their organizations.

We know how difficult the talent market can truly be. That is why our team of dedicated recruiters will do everything in their power to take the pressure off your hiring process. We specialize in sourcing, qualifying, and recruiting in many local industries. Whatever your needs may be, we are here for you. Contact us to jump-start your search and make the hiring process as simple as it can be.

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Permanent Recruitment

Our recruiters leverage a wide array of technology, systems & tools to proactively engage gainfully employed top talent from their respective industry and field.

Temporary Staff

We’ve got you covered whether you have short or long-term projects coming up, require temps for maternity leave, long-term vacancy, or seasonal vacancy. Contact us today about your temp staffing requirements.

Sales Recruiting

Our sales recruitment firm is a leader in the screening & sourcing of top-performing sales candidates for our clients across the United States and Canada.

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Industries & Categories

  • Engineering
  • Digital Transformation/ IoT
  • IT/SaaS/SaaP
  • Consumer Goods
  • Nursing
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • B2B
  • Construction
  • Material Handling
  • Products/Services
  • Crypto-Currency / Blockchain
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation
  • And More….
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