How Does It Work?
At Axe Staffing & Recruiting we follow a disciplined process that is reflective of our various industry experience. Once you contact us we will reach out to schedule an initial call in order to qualify one another for fit. From there our team will work directly with yours to come to a flexible and mutually agreed upon Terms of Service Agreement that works for both parities. As former professionals from a variety of backgrounds, we are proactive in our recruiting strategy. We utilize unique screening methodologies, sourcing tools, metrics and best practices in order to deliver only the highest quality candidates to your desk. Making us one of the easiest recruitment agencies to work with.
How Much Does It Cost?
We don’t hide behind price. Our standard recruiting fee for salaried positions is based on a percentage of the first year base salary of the position, it varies depending on certain factors such as: contingent searches, retained searches, exclusivity, geography, qualifications of position and seniority. For 100% commissioned sales positions we charge a flat rate fee.
What Positions Do You Recruit For?
We recruit for all positions across all verticals and seniority levels. From entry-level positions to C-level Executives, we have had success across all levels of an organization and industries.

Verticals we have served include: Construction, Industrial Automation, IoT, Digital Transformation, IT, SaaS, SaaP, Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial Sales, Material Handling, Crypto-Currency/Blockchain, Consumer Goods, Medical, Dental, Engineering, Finance, Government and many other companies and organizations representing a variety of products & services.
Do You Support Small & Medium Business?
Yes, we have worked with companies of all sizes, it is even more critical that the small to medium business owners make the right hire, as investing in people is both a short and long term investment that will ultimately lead to the growth and profitability of the company over time.
Do You Support Enterprise?
Yes, we have supported numerous Fortune 500 Companies and even Forbes top 100 Most Innovative Companies with their hiring requirements for staff. We have the resources and experience to manage hiring projects that are local or North-American wide.
What Makes Axe Unique?
As we have mentioned, Axe is a recruiting firm exclusively dedicated and formulated for the recruitment of high-performing, career professionals. We exclusively focus on attracting top talent as our specialty and support companies and their teams with their hiring efforts throughout North-America. What further differentiates Axe Staffing & Recruiting is our team. A strict requirement to be a member of the Axe Staffing & Recruiting Team is a historical track record of success, recognition and awards in a previous industry that we recruit for. This builds our immediate credibility with other “A” player professionals as well as the companies we serve during our recruiting efforts.
What is An "A" Player?
An “A” player is a high-performing, consistent and dedicated professional within their respective company or vertical. They are typically within the top 10% of all people in the organization and consistently achieve goals and targets on a regular basis. These individuals are driven by internal motivations that they can clearly define, and posses an autonomy and dedication to their careers and responsibilities.
How Do We Know the Candidate Will Work Out?
You don’t, the reality is we are dealing with human beings. A variety of uncontrollable variables exist when it comes to dealing with people, we understand this. Inside of what we can control, we have such strong confidence in our ability to deliver quality that we are one of the ONLY recruiting agencies that offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if a candidate does not make it through their probationary period of 90 days. It is all about delivering on our promises, we will refund the amount and work on finding a replacement for the position before invoicing you again.
How Long Does This Take?
Again, there are a variety of variables that need to be accounted for in each unique recruiting effort, but, it is common for us to deliver on your first candidate within 2-3 business days following our Launch Call.
Do I Need to Sign a Contract?
Yes, However, we are flexible when it comes to the terms and language. We want to work with you to come to an amicable agreement that both parties are comfortable with during the course of our relationship.
Am I Locked Into This Contract?
No, either party can end the relationship at any time.