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Houston Corporate Recruiting Services

Sourcing & Qualification of Candidates

Our Houston recruiting division is an exciting segment of our nationwide recruitment services. Houston continues to grow and lead in innovative industries and technology. Our team of recruiters specialize in a wide array of business sectors, enabling us to quickly and effectively recruit top talent to your company regardless of the industry or function. Leveraging the latest proactive recruiting strategies, technology, and assessment tools, our Houston recruiting team are in place and ready to deliver the right hire to your organization, contact us today for discovery call to learn more about how we can help with your growth needs. hire now!

Houston Staffing & Recruiting Services

Temporary Staffing & Full-Time Career Placement

Here at Axe Staffing & Recruiting, we understand Houston offers one of the greatest landscapes for employment opportunities, where traditional and leading industries can be found. Our leading recruiters specialize in a variety of the finest industries, attracting top talent across the Houston area. Axe Staffing & Recruiting specializes on both full-time career opportunities as well as temporary staffing. If you are looking for new opportunities in Houston reach out to our dedicated recruiting team with your resume today. We will add you to our database and align you with opportunities that match your skill-level and experience.

Industries & Categories

Areas of Expertise

  • Aerospace
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Digital Technology
  • Sales Executives
  • Fortune 500s
  • Saas
  • And More…

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