Hiring A Director? No Problem, Read This!

Sep 20, 2021

Many companies are not sure where or how to hire a Director. They may be asking themselves “Should I post the job on social media?” or “Should I advertise on industry sites?” But before you do, take the time to read this first and see what we have come up with to get you the best Director possible!

The first thing a company should think about when hiring for a Director is if they are willing to work their way through salary negotiations. If not, it might be smart for them to hire an agency that will do it for them. Maybe you are like us and would be happy to do that. But we know that many companies benefit from the relationship between a recruiter and candidate at the negotiation table, so we will come up with a way for you to hire the best Director possible no matter if you decide to negotiate with them to interview or not.

After you have decided on whether or not to engage and negotiate with a Director, take this opportunity to decide who will take on the task! Is it better to hire an agency? A professional search firm? Maybe even just someone within your company?

The first thing companies can do is look at their industry’s job board which is usually found in the description section of job postings. Take the Director’s job summary and use it as a starting point for your interview process. Look at what companies are hiring Directors in your industry, then target candidates with similar experience.

Once you have some candidates, make sure to schedule some phone screens with them. Take notes on their answers to common interview questions: Why are you looking to leave your current position? What skills make you an asset in this position? Do they have any exceptional work experience under their belt? This way you will be able to gauge if they may be a good fit for your company.

Next, you can start the salary negotiations process. Try to set some ground rules on the salary, this way it helps both parties feel more comfortable. If the Director has already been verbally hired, get their offer in writing. If they were hired through an agency or other means, consult them for an offer if possible. Once that is settled, it’s time to look at employment benefits such as health insurance and vacation time. If you want to go further with these negotiations, consider offering a moving allowance.

You can also choose to talk about bonuses and incentives that are possible for a Director once they have been working for your company. If you intend to offer any stock options, be sure to check with the board and any regulations regarding them.

Another way you can hire your Director is through trade shows or conferences where you can meet candidates face to face. The advantage of doing this is that you will be able to meet potential candidates in person and get a better feel for them, as well as see any potential chemistry between you and them if they were interviewing in person versus over the phone. This allows everyone who is involved in the interview process a chance to develop a good relationship before starting once the candidate begins working full time at your company.

The most common way to hire an experienced Director is through a recruiter or agency. These companies are able to reach out to more potential candidates by using their own network and database of industry professionals. They can narrow down who may be the best fit for your company and save you a lot of time doing it!

But how do you know who the best agency is for your Director search? Look at how long they have been operating, what clients they have prior work experience with, and what type of candidate they currently have available. Make sure to check references from past clients and candidates they have worked with so you can see if the agency is right for you or not.

Once you have chosen an agency to work with, make sure to meet with them and discuss the information necessary for the Director position search. This should include what the job duties are, who the candidate needs to report to, compensation requirements, as well as other things. Then communicate those details to your chosen agency so they can begin recruiting!

Make sure your company has the reputation you want. The best way for potential candidates to know the direction of your company is by understanding its mission statement. Your mission statement should be short and clear so that candidates can get a good idea of what your company is all about.

Make sure to keep your Director search open by updating your job postings on social media. In addition, you can also use online job boards and industry sites as a way to find qualified candidates when looking for a Director. We recommend Ladders since they have great search tools and are reliable in finding the best companies for you!

If you have read this far, and you are still unsure of how to hire a Director, then we have done our job! You will be able to find the best Director for your company no matter what you decide!

Thank you for reading the article in its entirety. We hope that it helps us get more quality candidates for your next Director search. If you would like to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that were not answered in this article please feel free to email us directly at [email protected].