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Information & Technology Recruitment

The information & technology space is an ever expanding universe. Our recruiters are constantly growing their networks within the tech space and maintaining their relationships in order to keep up with growing and emerging markets within IT. Candidates are constantly required to update skills and competencies to remain relevant in this space and to deliver for their employer. We at Axe Recruiting have a range of recruiters who specifically have come from the IT space, allowing deeper insight into vetting and uncovering core competencies of the candidate for our clients an their specific needs from: Hardware, Software, Networks, Systems and more.

Axe Recruiting has worked with and maintains a network of a variety of IT professionals for both permanent and temporary staffing requirements of all our clients. We have placed professionals within IT holding titles such as: Chief IT Officer, IT Scientist, Director of IT, IT Project Manager, IT Administrator, IT Analyst, and IT Engineer. All of whom were proactively sourced and found by our recruitment team, without the reliance of job boards, ensuring the highest quality of gainfully employed candidates.

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