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Manufacturing Recruitment

The manufacturing space can be a difficult industry to navigate. Our recruiters are constantly growing their networks within manufacturing and maintaining their relationships in order to keep up with growing and emerging markets within it. Candidates are constantly required to update skills and competencies to remain relevant in this space and to deliver for their employer with technology becoming more and more prevalent. We at Axe Recruiting have a range of recruiters who specifically have come from the manufacturing space, allowing deeper insight into vetting and uncovering core competencies of the candidate for our clients an their specific needs.

Whether our clients require help in searching within raw materials, equipment, automotive, consumer products, food processing, packaging, or electronics/EMS staff we have the team of recruiters with the right expertise to deliver top candidates.

​Our team of recruiters can help you find: Director of Operations, General Managers, Plant Managers, production Managers, Production Planners, Quality Engineers and more…

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